Earn 50% Commission On Every Sale

Welcome to The lockdown Affiliate Program.

The whole idea of this was inspired by the upcoming lockdown which has just been announced by government,

From midnight, Wednesday 21st of October we will go into another lockdown for 6 weeks and hopefully save christmas by doing so.

I was thinking, what got me through the last lockdown? it went by so quick in the blink of an eye. For me i was lucky, i could continue to run my business from the safety of my own home.

the biggest thing for me was a routine, not only for my physical health but my mental health too, i got up early every day i either walked the dog or exercised and i returned home to start my working day. this for me was huge for getting me though lockdown. i had something to work towards. it kept me motivated.

this is exactly what we want to offer anyone who’s going through a hard time, lost their job due to the lockdown or just wants to make some extra cash for christmas.

we have set up an Affiliate program and anyone can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home, all you need is a laptop or your smartphone.

you can work all your own hours and be as flexible as you like. but the more effort you put in the more you will benefit..

this is not a get rich quick program or any sort of multi level marketing.

we’re a legitimate business based in Dublin, we produce CBD products. we’re launching this program temporarily just for the run up to christmas to help people manage through lockdown..

So how does it work?

you sign up and start selling products remotely via custom links. when someone purchases a product via your link you will be rewarded with 50% commission.

so for example, if customers purchase €1000 worth of CBD products via your links we will deposit €500 into your account.

you dont buy or stock any products from us, when the order is placed we manage the shipping and fulfilment so you can focus on sales..

the first 4 weeks everyone starts on 50% commission

after 4 weeks you will be re categorised based on volume of sales.

We have 5 Tiers.

  • Tier 1, Sales of €1000 or more per month will remain on 50% commission.
  • Tier 2, Sales of €800 – €999 per month 40% commission
  • Tier 3, Sales of €600 – €799 per month 30% commission
  • Tier 4, Sale of €400 – €599 per month 20% commission
  • Tier 5, Sales of up to €399 per month 10% commission.

if you’re up for the challenge and like what you read above you can sign up here

if you’re reading this mid lockdown or pre christmas please continue to sign up theres still time..

over the coming weeks i will be doing some training over zoom to give people some guidness and direction of where to start.

all of the videos will be posted to a private Facebook group. a link will be emailed to you after you sign up.

a few tips to get started. get familier with the affialte dashboard. this is where you can track and view all your sales, commissions and analytics.

you can also create specific links to products..

a great place to start is to sell to family and friends. they will want to be supportive.

share your link with facebook friends, in whats app groups. on instagram, tiktok, snapchat, facebook groups and the list goes on.

be creative put the work in and you will get rewarded..