Is CBD Oil Legal In Ireland?

is cbd oil legal in ireland

is CBD Oil Legal In Ireland? well the answer is Yes and No, lets go over the facts to make sure you’re buying legal and complaint CBD oil in ireland. first of all the legality of the product will depend on the extraction method. lets start with cold pressed CBD oil, Cold pressed CBD oil is legal as this method has been around for thousands of years.

however, more advanced extraction methods may not be legal as they fall into the category as a novel food. a novel food is a food or food ingredient that was not available on the EU market to a significant degree prior to the 15th of may 1997, for example co2 extraction or ethanol extraction both fall under the category of novel foods,

so in order to sell novel foods legally on the Irish market you need to have EU Authorisation or have an application pending, to get EU Authorisation you have to make an application directly to the EU. Not all companies have applied for EU Authorisation as its very expensive which means they are breaking the law by selling illegal CBD oils on the irish market.

All of our CBD Oils are legal as we have been included on our manufacturers EU novel food applications