CBD Coffee shop

Ceelabb started out as a passion project on the side which lead alan and Laura to quit our full time jobs and do something we loved.

Alan has personally been using CBD Oil since 2017. he loves it so much it inspired him to leave his full time job as an Electrician and jump into the world of hemp and CBD to develop his own line of CBD Products,

Almost two years later we’re still going strong, for those of you who dont know we’re an online CBD business, highly rated by our customers and our peers, we make all types of CBD products. CBD Oils CBD Bathbombs and  even CBD tea and coffee.

our goal for first 6 months of 2020 is to open up CBD Cafe.
we would love to settle into a community and have a place to call home.
it would be amazing to create a chilled out environment, where people come to relax and forget about the stresses of life over a nice CBD coffee.

As we plan and budget for the cafe we have learnt a lot and one of the main things is coffee equipment is very expensive. Not only that but we plan to serve CBD coffee and normal coffee which means we will need some extra coffee equipment in order to offer a high quality coffee.

This will add between 5k and 15k onto our existing budget which we simply don’t have.

We have applied for government grants but unfortunately they won’t cover this type of funding..
And tried to apply for a loan but the banks wont support a CBD business.

the location is yet to be secured but more than likely the CBD cafe will be in dublin 8 in the liberties or dublin 24 clondalkin village would be ideal.

we would be so grateful for any help.

everyone who helps us turn this dream a reality will be rewarded with a free CBD Coffee when we officially open our doors.

we have just over 10 thousand followers on our social media channels.
strength in numbers we can easily smash this goal.

if all 10 thousand donated 5 euro we would blow this away with a massive 50k imagine what we could do with that.

but lets be realistic everyone wont donate thats fair but  lets say we get 2500 of those to give 5 euro. we would reach our goal of 15k. 

how cool would it be that we all chipped in together to help us take Ceelabb to the Next level.

we would be forever grateful you helped support a small local business.

thank you so much 

Alan & laura