What Does CBD Taste Like ?

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What Does CBD Taste Like ?

Do you not like the taste of CBD ? Well you haven’t tried ours then . Our CBD oils are packed with flavor , we have 3 different types of CBD oils that all taste great !

Our plain hemp flavor CBD has a nutty flavor to it and not that earthy flavor you normally get. Our multivitamin turmeric cbd and MCT oil , this is our winner in the oils if you ask me it tastes like oranges ! This is because of the Multivits C & D ,and our 3000mg oil is made from CBD isolate so it has no taste to it at all .If you want to read more about our 3000mg head over to the CBD Slot and see what he thought about it 

We also have our of gummies in each pack has 4 amazing flavors , apple , lemon ,watermelon and mango .

If they don’t tickle your fancy we also have 4 flavors in our CBD vape oils , these are packed full of flavor ! Watermelon , Blueberry, Highzenburg and Menthol

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What Does CBD Taste Like ?
What Does CBD Taste Like ? Our Amazing CBD gummies that come in 4 great favors