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What is CBD infused Coffee?

Ceelabb CBD infused Coffee beans in an espresso cup with Ceelabb 100gram bags of cbd coffee in the background

What is CBD infused Coffee? and why are people going crazy for it?

you might wonder why we mix CBD and Coffee

you might think they’re complete opposites of each other and you would be absolutely right.

one is high alert and focus the other is chill out calming and therapeutic.

we get asked all the time why would you mix CBD and Coffee.

let us explain the method to the madness.

when you drink coffee you can expect a kick from the caffeine, a boost, a kick up the arse.

you can expect an increase in focus and productivity.

nearly everyone has a cup of coffee in the morning just to start the day. everything sounds great so why would we change it.

but!! if you drink to much coffee you can experience whats known as the jitters.

A well known side effect from drinking to much coffee is the jitters

some people can experience this from just one cup of coffee and others can drink a lot more before they experience any side effects if any at all.

now you dont need to feel bad or worried about having that extra cup of coffee because now choose a CBD infused  Coffee..

so now you know all about CBD Coffee, how do you make the perfect cup?

so what do i need to make CBD Coffee?
  • kettle
  • french press
  • Ceelabb CBD Coffee
  • stopwatch on you phone.
  • mug and spoon
  • digital scales ( not essential)
  • milk and sugar are optional.

boil the kettle and when it clicks let the water cool for a few minutes to about 90 degrees Celsius.

this is good time to gather all the bits needed.

pop your french press on top of the scales and set the scales to zero.

scoop up some CBD Coffee and put it in the french press. 7 grams for a single CBD espresso or 14 grams for a double CBD espresso.

if you dont have a scales  not to worry, one tea spoon for single CBD espresso and two for a double CBD espresso.

add the water to the french press and give your CBD coffee one quick stir, pop the lid on and let sit for four minutes.

this is a good time to start your timer and prep your milk.

me personally i like some frothed oat milk but you can use what ever milk you like.

once the timer reaches 3 minutes and 30 seconds this is when i push the plunger on the CBD Coffee.

once thats done you can decant the whole lot of the CBD Coffee into a mug and then add your milk and sugar to taste..

all thats left to do is enjoy a cup of CBD Infused coffee.

so why not pick up a bag today.

👉👉 Get yourself a bag of CBD infused Coffee👈👈

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