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Setting up your ceelabb CBD Vape Pen

Ceelabb CBD Vape pen pictured with a mustard background

this blog will show you from start to finish how to set up your brand new Ceelabb CBD Vape pen 

thank you for choosing ceelabb as your CBD Supplier.

it really means a lot. you’re not just buying a CBD product. you’re also supporting a small local irish business.

we encourage you to support small local business in your community when ever you can.

so lets show you to set up your brand new Ceelabb CBD Vape pen

The content of the box

  • Battery  
  • Charger
  • Vape cart
Putting your CBD pen together

carefully take the contents out of the box. 

the rubber seal on the threads of the vape cart can be removed and thrown away. 

screw the vape cart to you battery..

thats it, your ceelabb CBD Vape pen is almost ready to use, yay. 

Filling your CBD Vape Pen With CBD Vape Liquid. 

remove the silver cap on the top of your CBD Vape pen by twisting anti clockwise until it pops right out. 

next step, take your Ceelabb CBD Vape Liquid and give it a nice shake so all the CBD is mixed evenly with the other ingredients. 

pour a few drops of CBD Oil into the vape cart. note, the cbd oil is to be poured down the wall of the glass and not in the metal hole which is located in the centre of the glass.

you can use the ceelabb logo on the glass as a guide for the amount of CBD to add to your vape cart. so fill your cart up to the bottom of the ceelabb logo on the glass. 

screw your lid back on to your CBD Pen. dont over tighten it because this can break the glass. 

we’re almost there. so move on to the last stem below.

Operation instructions. 

instructions for using your Ceelabb CBD Vaporizer (VapePen)

on/off : Push button 5 times  to turn on or off

Preheat : push button twice to preheat

Adjust Heat : push button 3 times to adjust voltage

green – low (2.7v) , Blue – Medium (3.4v) , RED – HIGH (4.2V)

low is the way to go because it becomes more efficient in terms of how long the oil will last and it will heat your oil to perfect temperature.

our pen is designed to heat your oil at the perfect temperature

now you have all the info you need to start vaping CBD. 


charging your battery 

your CBD Vape Pen comes with a usb charger. Screw the battery into the usb charger and simply plug the usb into any usb port to charge. ie your phone plug or laptop.

charge for 30 minutes, on avarage a charge will last 7 day.

You’re more than welcome to join our CBD support group if you want to learn more about CBD 

if you haven’t got a Ceelabb CBD Vape pen just yet, ill leave a link here in case you change your mind









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