How I Discovered CBD Oil

i first heard of the term CBD maybe 2 years ago now. i seen it pop up in my news feed on facebook every now an then, i didn’t really pay much attention to it and mostly ignored it. at the time i was suffering with on going knee pain from years of putting strain on it in a fast paced physically demanding job.


At this stage i’ve been to see so many different medical professionals specialising in all different areas, all claiming to have the cure for my knee and all willing to take my money,

i started out with physiotherapy i done up to 5 sessions at 50 euro a pop with little to no results. 5 sessions €250 = zero results

i was then refered to a specialist in st james’s hospital which i was given a date a year and half down the line, i cant wait that long to fix this dodgy knee.

so on to the next person i went. i tried going to a chiropractor, they had me in 3 times in one week so i felt i was been taken advantage of so i quickly stopped going there with no results  3 sessions €150 = zero results. 

next stop for me was the endorphin release clinic. i was determined this time. i said to myself i will see this one out. after every session i felt great However, it was only temporary.  every time i left the place i had endorphins racing thru my body which made you feel amazing at the time. but that did wear off. back to square one.  7 sessions €350. = zero results.

i’ve been told dry needling was something i might benefit from so off i go with my money ready to try the greatest and latest technique in physiotherapy. i went in with two issues one was a knot in my shoulder which it done wonders for so i can recommend it for that but unfortunately noting for my knee. 7 sessions €420 = some success but not for my knee


a year and half later my specialist appointment in St James’s hospital is coming up. i see him for no more than 3 mins, after inspecting my clicking and crunching knee. he says its normal. the x ray indicates there are no issues. he then refers me back to physiotherapy as i said i was in pain. €0 = zero results.


so after almost two years of trying almost everything and spending at least €900 with zero results i  decided to look up this thing called CBD oil which i’ve been hearing so much about.

After doing some research i bought my 1st bottle of CBD oil. within 3 weeks of using it it totally eliminated my pain in my knee. and i’ve been taking it ever since.


Which then inspired me to create Ceelabb CBD Products.


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