Come join the Ceelabb Team

we're looking for reps to come join the Booming CBD Industry.

we need reps all over Ireland and The UK to come on board and help us with our mission, To get our CBD products into the hands of those who need it most. we cant do it alone, thats where you come in.

if you own a store of any kind we want you to stock our products.  The most popular stores that stock our products are health food stores, newsagents, pharmacies, hair salons, barbers, Vape shops, holistic healers, physiotherapists, and so on,

a Great way to start is to sell to friends & family, if you can sell to them you can sell to anyone, some other ideas are selling on facebook and instagram, or set up a stall at you local market. does this sound like something you would be interested in?

you can get exclusive access to our wholesale price list. with 100% mark up on all products

example if you sell 100 euro worth of CBD Oil to a friend, you will make 100 euro profit and have 100 euro to buy more stock. some of our top reps are currently making over €2500 extra per month by setting up at their local market once a week. 

please get in touch to see if we need a rep in your area. 

we also have an affiliate program which is not as profitable as becoming a rep but it might suit one person more than another.  

how does the affiliate program work.

basically if you help us generate sales on our website we pay you 10% commission on every sale. you can track you sales with a unique code that has been created just for you. commission can be be paid weekly or monthly. 

you can offer your customer a 10% discount off their purchase or you can take 20% commission if they buy at full price, the choice is yours. 


if you want to get involved in the booming CBD Industry dont delay get in touch asap.


Get in contact to start your CBD Business today

you can email us  at or connect with us on facebook or instagram, links below

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